FAQs – Your Queries Answered

We offer Retail licenses for Windows and Office products, Bind licenses for Office products, and one-year licenses for Antivirus software and Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Retail licenses can be used only once on a single device. If the software is uninstalled or the device is formatted, a new license is required. Bind licenses are tied to your Microsoft account and allow you to download and activate Office as many times as you want on a single device.
Our prices are low because we purchase large quantities at wholesale prices and have partnerships with many suppliers.
Yes, all our licenses are genuine and all software is downloaded via Microsoft’s official download links.
Licenses are delivered immediately via email, which includes the activation license and a download link.
If you do not receive your license within 24 hours, please contact us via chat or email.
Yes, please contact us to request a fiscal invoice with VAT details.
No, our products only include the activation license and a download link.
No, licenses do not expire. However, Retail licenses cannot be reused after uninstallation or device formatting, and Antivirus and Microsoft 365 subscriptions last for one year.
No, our licenses are not valid for tablets or mobile phones

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